2 ways to look at it


Throughout life, shit happens. We have all heard the saying: Your life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. So with that in mind I have come to two conclusions on how to view life when you hit a rough patch.

  1. It could be worse.
  2. It only gets better from here.

So when you hit a time in your life when nothing seems to be progressing or you’re stagnant, you can consider number 1. You look around and you see what you don’t have but you can also at that time take the opportunity to look at the things that you do have. You can realize that although you may not have what you desire at the very moment, you do have the chance to make it better. You might not think about it all the time, but you can realize that someone out there always has it worse than you. And even that person that has it worse than you, has someone that has it worse than them. So it’s as simple as it sounds, it could be worse. When you don’t feel things going great, not even good, at least you haven’t hit rock bottom…

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How #HappinessWords, led me to my purpose


“Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw, thank you for these wise words that just recently struck my mind, body and soul.

To be honest, I have come across this quote many times before. But not until yesterday did I really connect with the meaning behind these words, carefully placed in this order. Throughout the past two years, I can feel confident in saying that I really hit the beginning of the rest of my life. It was the time when I discovered the motivation and passion inside me to go in the direction of my dreams. Although my dreams and goals at the time were hazy, I did things that would either help  Number 1: Make me a more disciplined person or Number 2: Make my future self be proud 

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Blue Velvet


“When did velvet get back in style? Uh. What do you mean, it never went out of style…” This is a conversation that I have more often than expected. Why do some people think the velvet fabric is outdated. It totally isn’t and has become in my eyes a fashion staple. Not only does it look fun and fashionable, it’s damn comfortable! Anytime I have a chance to grab some velvet apparel, I don’t hesitate.

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Skincare essential – Honest Beauty

I have always had a passion for good skin, from a young age up until now. When I was five, I was diagnosed with eczema, a skin condition where your skin gets extremely dry, inflamed and itchy at all times. In addition to eczema, I have also been diagnosed with vitiligo, psoriasis, and hyperhidrosis. So with the combination of multiple skin disorders, I have always been on a never ending search for products and skincare routines that will rejuvenate and nurture my skin to the healthiest possible condition.

Throughout the years, I have gone through my fair share of daily skincare regimens. Last year, I decided to try out Honest Beauty co. (created by Jessica Alba) and I have overall great things to say about the line! With a combination of skincare, makeup and hair products, Honest Beauty provides a light, natural and easy way to quality conditioning of your dermatology needs.

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Love Trumps Hate

'Women Of The World Unite!'

January 21st, 2017.

In all honesty, ever since the day the results for the presidential election came out, I have been trying to stay away from the negativity. I would often stay offline to avoid topics regarding the person that shall not be named. I almost felt that if I stayed away from the articles and blocked out anything about the presidential election, it could possibly be that it was not real life. Out of sight, out of mind feel. January 20th, the day of the inauguration, even though was set in stone did not feel real for a long time. But rather just like some nasty Calculus exam that I was dreading and tried to procrastinate studying for as long as possible. I did not care to hear any irrelevant mentions of his name and although I felt devastated to be reminded that Barack and Michelle Obama were leaving the White House, I tried to not think about it. I almost convinced myself that maybe the election and the U.S. government really had nothing to do with me and that, so what if He is our president. I’m just going to close my eyes and wait till the 4 years are over…

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10 things you need to stop doing in 2017

tumblr_ogr2onaqy41tlb5xto1_500New year, who dis?

Okay let’s cut to the chase. It’s 2017 and we are not getting any younger. In between trying to figure out where we belong in the this world, it is essential to take good care of yourself. Treat your body and mind right. If you don’t, who will? Let’s kick excuses to the curb and shake our old skin, time to be the best you possible. Not in a cliche kind of way. And not in a brand new transformational way. Sometimes all it takes it just some minor changes in your daily lifestyle that will create a better you… eventually. Don’t freak out, we’re gonna start off slow. Everyone is different so it’s up to you to see which parts in your life you should alter and focus on.

Here are 10 things that I chose to stop doing daily and what my counter actions are:

1. Stop Dehydration: Drink Water
– My number 1 essential. I will never stop stressing this! Water is absolute key to a healthy life. Not only does it filter out your waste, it creates healthy skin and provides necessary nutrients.
*Tip: Go to target and buy yourself a cute reusable water bottle. Fill it up with cold water every morning and carry it around with you. Honestly without my personal water bottle, I would barely even touch water throughout the day.

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T-Smile Bracelet, Tiffany & co.

During my past birthday I was blessed with a girl’s best friend… Jewelry. To be honest I am not a HUGE jewelry kinda girl, but it is always nice to be gifted with some from a loved one. This year, my boyfriend picked out a dainty piece from Tiffany’s! Chosen from the Tiffany T collection, the T-smile bracelet is a minimalistic and cute armlet that comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold with the additional options to have diamonds lining the base.

I received the Sterling Silver, size M with no additional diamonds. I’m not the type to wear flashy things, so it was the perfect pick for me. It’s a piece that I wear daily and find it hard to take off. Although advised otherwise, I keep the bracelet on while I shower and when I sleep; just making sure to not get soap/lotion on it. One of the reasons why I do love this piece so much is that it goes with everything and it adds some character to my arm and outfits.

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