T-Smile Bracelet, Tiffany & co.

During my past birthday I was blessed with a girl’s best friend… Jewelry. To be honest I am not a HUGE jewelry kinda girl, but it is always nice to be gifted with some from a loved one. This year, my boyfriend picked out a dainty piece from Tiffany’s! Chosen from the Tiffany T collection, the T-smile bracelet is a minimalistic and cute armlet that comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold with the additional options to have diamonds lining the base.

I received the Sterling Silver, size M with no additional diamonds. I’m not the type to wear flashy things, so it was the perfect pick for me. It’s a piece that I wear daily and find it hard to take off. Although advised otherwise, I keep the bracelet on while I shower and when I sleep; just making sure to not get soap/lotion on it. One of the reasons why I do love this piece so much is that it goes with everything and it adds some character to my arm and outfits.

Though beautiful, there is a downside that docks some points away from this wristlet. Since it is silver, it scratches incredibly easy. Within the first day of wearing it, it was noticeably marked. Even if you are extremely careful while wearing it, the bracelet will get scratched in a fairly short amount of time. When I brought it into the Tiffany’s store, I was inquiring about sending it out to have the scratches removed but was informed that it was simply not worth it and was told that it would get immediately scratched up again. One other thing about the bracelet is that the corners of the bracelet sometimes get caught in my fabrics and snags my clothes, but it is more up to yourself to be careful and move slowly when changing and dressing for the day.

On a plus side, once you make a purchase from Tiffany’s, there are always complimentary cleanings available for your service at all times. So when you feel your jewelry getting dull, do a quick stop to freshen up your pieces!

Overall on a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate the T-Smile Bracelet a 8/10. It is such a thoughtful and sweet gift. Something that reminds me of my special someone every time I look down at my arm. I am so used to wearing it everyday now, it feels weird when I don’t have it on me. I am overall satisfied with this product and it has become essential in providing a cute and subtle look that helps make up my every day wardrobe.


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