10 things you need to stop doing in 2017

tumblr_ogr2onaqy41tlb5xto1_500New year, who dis?

Okay let’s cut to the chase. It’s 2017 and we are not getting any younger. In between trying to figure out where we belong in the this world, it is essential to take good care of yourself. Treat your body and mind right. If you don’t, who will? Let’s kick excuses to the curb and shake our old skin, time to be the best you possible. Not in a cliche kind of way. And not in a brand new transformational way. Sometimes all it takes it just some minor changes in your daily lifestyle that will create a better you… eventually. Don’t freak out, we’re gonna start off slow. Everyone is different so it’s up to you to see which parts in your life you should alter and focus on.

Here are 10 things that I chose to stop doing daily and what my counter actions are:

1. Stop Dehydration: Drink Water
– My number 1 essential. I will never stop stressing this! Water is absolute key to a healthy life. Not only does it filter out your waste, it creates healthy skin and provides necessary nutrients.
*Tip: Go to target and buy yourself a cute reusable water bottle. Fill it up with cold water every morning and carry it around with you. Honestly without my personal water bottle, I would barely even touch water throughout the day.

2. Stop Drinking Soda: Drink Water
– The sugars and caffeine in the soda take part in dehydrating your body. Soda breaks down your teeth and builds up plaque. There is really not much to this. Just don’t drink soda.

3. Stop Getting Less Than 8hrs of Sleep: Push Social Media Away 1 hour Before Bed.
– Not only do we love sleep, we NEED it. Physically our body should get a full 8 hour sleep every night to properly function. This is my greatest New Year resolution, over this past year I did not take sleep seriously and would always stay up just for shits and giggles and scroll on social media. This was so hazardous to my health, my skin and daily functions. I felt like I was constantly looking at a ghost when I passed a mirror. I knew that the way I looked, started and ended with my lack of sleep. From now on, I’m serving myself 8+ hours every night.

4. Stop Skipping out on Sunblock: Get a Sunblock Moisturizer
– Sunblock is so much more important than you think. Not only does it help protect you from skin cancer, it stops the sun from ruining your complexion. This is a must, apply the damn sunscreen. On your face first and foremost, and then your arms and legs (especially at the beach and poolside).

5. Stop Being Late: Set Your Clock 10 mins Ahead
– This is my biggest struggle. But I promise to my family and friends… I am working on it! Year 2017 I hope, will be the year I stop running late to everything. People are waiting on you, don’t make them wait. It’s not very polite. (*taking mental notes)

6. Stop Caring About Other’s Opinions of You: Mind Your Business
– Stop looking for the approval of other people. Live for yourself. If you are proud of the person you are and your personal achievements, then that is all that matters. The moment you give someone else the power to determine your worth, is when you start to lose yourself. Believe in yourself and trust your path. Mind your business and don’t care about what other people think of you. Care what you think about yourself.

7. Stop Spending Money on Food: Cook At Home, Save Money
– All my billing statements point to food. It may seem so little in the moment to spend a few bucks here and there but it really adds up. Go to Costco and buy food in bulk to prepare, cook and bring lunch to work.

8. Stop Neglecting Your Parents: Spend Time
– As we get older, we forget our parents are getting older as well. Spend time with them. Take them shopping. Take them to lunch. Visit them. Get them active. Just spend time. And don’t forget to follow up with them on their health.

9. Take Care Of Yourself: Pay Attention To Your Needs
– Male or female: Take care of your hygiene needs. Shave where needs to be shaven. Wax what needs to be waxed. Get your hair done. Get a manicure/pedicure. Brush your teeth twice a day. Floss. Shower daily. Wash your face twice a day. Always moisturize. Do your laundry. Change your bedsheets. Maintain your body. Maintain your mind. Maintain your confidence. Maintain your balance. Don’t lose yourself.

10. Don’t Stop Chasing Your Dreams: Keep It Moving
– One of my recent favorite quotes that I heard: “The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” Don’t settle. This might be something I say often, but it is one of my strongest beliefs. There is nothing in the world that you are not capable of doing. Everything you imagine is possible. Don’t convince yourself otherwise. So if you have a dream, chase it with all you have and don’t let anyone or anything hold you down.

Happy 2017 everyone! May this be your best yet. ♥


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