Skincare essential – Honest Beauty

I have always had a passion for good skin, from a young age up until now. When I was five, I was diagnosed with eczema, a skin condition where your skin gets extremely dry, inflamed and itchy at all times. In addition to eczema, I have also been diagnosed with vitiligo, psoriasis, and hyperhidrosis. So with the combination of multiple skin disorders, I have always been on a never ending search for products and skincare routines that will rejuvenate and nurture my skin to the healthiest possible condition.

Throughout the years, I have gone through my fair share of daily skincare regimens. Last year, I decided to try out Honest Beauty co. (created by Jessica Alba) and I have overall great things to say about the line! With a combination of skincare, makeup and hair products, Honest Beauty provides a light, natural and easy way to quality conditioning of your dermatology needs.

The products that I tried out were:

Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream: $34 

  • Due to my excessive dry skin, although this cream did supply a decent amount of hydration I believe that I might’ve needed something a little stronger to penetrate and condition the dryness. The scent of this product was very refreshing and minty! It provides a gentle therapeutic energy that will set the day fresh and relaxed.

Everything Primer: $27

  • The primer is my absolute FAVORITE product from this collection! I actually never used primer prior to Honest Beauty, but this specific one adds a warm tone to your face that I loved. I noticed the subtle effect immediately and it helped to rejuvenate and tighten my skin for that day. I always apply this on after my moisturizer and right before any foundation or concealer. I can’t get enough of this product. Quick way to freshen up and leave the house.

Protected Daily Beauty Fluid Sheer Tint SPF 30: $28

  • This tint provides a SPF of 30, which is the initial reason why I purchased this product. This product was less used by me, because due to the packaging it was unfortunately a little difficult for me to squeeze the product out. Also there was a mild scent with the product that threw me off.  But nonetheless, this product is good, in the sense that it provides mild coverage and sunblock at the same time.

Everything Cream Foundation – Camel: $30 

  • I fell in love with this foundation and color. I am Asian-American. In between a yellow and light tan skin color. It was hard for me to decide which color to go with, but after looking at the models on the website that showed the variation of skin tones and saw that a color swap was applicable if needed, I decided to just try the Camel! It initially comes on slightly orange, but blends amazing into my skin tone and gently smoothes out any discoloration.

Luminizing Powder – Dusk Reflection: $25

  • There are two options for a powder finish: A pink blush or a shimmer bronzer. Due to my darker skin tone, I went with the bronzer to highlight and accentuate my cheekbones! This was a good fit for me and finishes any face with makeup, nicely.


So the good thing that Honest Beauty co. offers is the option to purchase a “Bundle” which includes any 3 products for just $50. It doesn’t matter the pricing of each product, but if purchased together, it comes out to one set price. The bundle gets shipped out every month, or few months depending on how much product you used every day. It is up to you to set your shipping date! Luckily, Honest Beauty co. product quantity is a good amount and can last up to months.

In conclusion: I have been using this line for the past 6 months now and have noticed a definitive change in the texture and color of my skin. I am overall very happy with these products and it has given me a new found confidence with my skin and makeup when I step out of the house. Recommended!


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