Blue Velvet


“When did velvet get back in style? Uh. What do you mean, it never went out of style…” This is a conversation that I have more often than expected. Why do some people think the velvet fabric is outdated. It totally isn’t and has become in my eyes a fashion staple. Not only does it look fun and fashionable, it’s damn comfortable! Anytime I have a chance to grab some velvet apparel, I don’t hesitate.

In this outfit, I decided to go full throttle with velvet and paired my wide leg pants with a black velvet top and some faux fur slippers. If you’re gonna do it a little funky, you gotta go all the way. With Spring peaking around the corner, mixed with the occasional rain here and there, this outfit paired with a jacket would be appropriate for either weather.

Blue Velvet pants: Urban Outfitters $29.99

Black Velvet top (similar): H&M $24.99 

Faux mink slippers: Windsor $18.90


Photography: Warren Corales 


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