2 ways to look at it


Throughout life, shit happens. We have all heard the saying: Your life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. So with that in mind I have come to two conclusions on how to view life when you hit a rough patch.

  1. It could be worse.
  2. It only gets better from here.

So when you hit a time in your life when nothing seems to be progressing or you’re stagnant, you can consider number 1. You look around and you see what you don’t have but you can also at that time take the opportunity to look at the things that you do have. You can realize that although you may not have what you desire at the very moment, you do have the chance to make it better. You might not think about it all the time, but you can realize that someone out there always has it worse than you. And even that person that has it worse than you, has someone that has it worse than them. So it’s as simple as it sounds, it could be worse. When you don’t feel things going great, not even good, at least you haven’t hit rock bottom…

But if you have hit rock bottom, then you should consider number 2. If you feel that you have hit the absolute worst place in your life, then you should keep in mind that it only gets better from here. The pain that you’re feeling is not going to get any more rough than it is at the point. So what you do at this time: is to try and get some movement in your life. When it seems merely impossible to get up in the morning or have any interaction with anyone, you have to get some momentum. You have to force some changes in your life, to help you get back on track. When my personal loved ones find themselves in a funk, I always have them make a list of 5-6 simple things that they believe will make them feel better. 5 things to repeatedly do daily that requires no mental effort and very minimal physical effort.

In example:

  1. Shower daily.
  2. Take a 10 minute walk outdoors.
  3. Stretch morning/night.
  4. Listen to your favorite type of music.
  5. Drink 3 tall glasses of water.
  6. Have at least 1 social interaction (friend or stranger)

Routine is what makes our life worthwhile. It helps to get our life in order and give some purpose. Which is what I believe we all feed off of. Purpose. So whether your purpose now is a long term goal, or just to get out of bed to walk your dog in the morning, find it and start your routine. Start with your list of small actions. Small actions will lead routine. Routine will lead you to some movement in your life. Movement in your life will lead back to purpose. And when you have your purpose, you are able to react to the things happening in your life accordingly.

Every day is a new day to progress and work towards what you need. Your bad experiences should not push you to fall into a deeper hole, it might just be that downfall that comes right before the uphill. So try and stay positive. After all there really is only two ways to look at it in my book. And either way, you come up better on the other side of your rough patch.


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